Can You Be A Professional Photographer With Just A Smartphone

Can You Be A Professional Photographer With Just A Smartphone?

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Gone are the days when a detailed understanding of chemistry, wet glass players, and large wooden boxes were essential tools in a photographer’s trade.

With the invention of cameras and progressive development to what we see today, the cameras have become more affordable and compact, with photography becoming more accessible.

In the last few years, the camera industry has grown and this has eventually led to an upsurge in the number of professional photographers. However, photography professional is fast-changing and today you don’t have to own a camera to become a professional photographer, smartphones have replaced cameras to become the number one option of taking pictures.

If you’re wondering whether you can become a photographer with just a smartphone, the short answer is ‘Yes, after all, all you have to do is tap and then snap away. In fact, you only need a smartphone to become a famous Facebook or Instagram photographer. But can you become a professional photographer with just a smartphone? Unfortunately No.

Professional photographers take images that can easily be printed into a larger format where high print quality is paramount. A magazine, travel company, advertising agency, or any other professional business won’t pay for armature smartphone pictures. Unfortunately, a smartphone can’t take images that can be printed in high-quality print or large canvas. Images from a smartphone may look pretty nice on the phone, laptop screen, or tablet, but they won’t have adequate quality for professional use. That said, a professional photographer can use any camera to take remarkable pictures, but a smartphone image can’t be printed and utilized for professional purposes.

Taking Professional Photos With Your Smartphone

It’s an undisputed fact that some high-end smartphones can take some great pictures. There are few cases where you can’t even tell whether the photo was taken with a phone camera.

It isn’t surprising that some people have made good money selling smartphone photos. This clearly shows that the best smartphone cameras can now compete with some of the cameras available out there. However, if your phone pictures don’t look like anything taken by a pro, no need to worry. These tips and tricks below will help take pictures that look professional.

Get The Best Gear

If you’ve ever seen a professional photographer at work, then you know they carry lots of gear. Every piece of equipment photography carries serves a unique purpose. So, if you’re looking to use your smartphone to take professional pictures, you need the right gear. These include:

  • Use a smartphone with a great camera
  • Investing in camera support – a flexible tripod
  • Use the right photography accessories

Pick The Subject

A picture without a conspicuous subject lacks professionalism and can be confusing. Therefore, if you want your phone pictures to look professional, you should pick the right subject. Most professional photographers often emphasize their subjects by ensuring the background is blurred and keeping the subject in focus.

Plan Your Shots

One important thing to remember is that great photos do not happen by accident. If you’re looking to take professional photos with your smartphone, then you should plan your shots.

Lighting Is Paramount

With no lighting, there’s no photography. This is the main reason why professional photographers constantly chase the most appropriate light or set up their own when the available lighting isn’t enough. The best lighting you may use for your smartphone shots to look more professional is natural light.

If you’re a beginner hoping to become a professional photographer with just a smartphone, all you need is a good subject, the right gear, and a plan to achieve what you want.


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