Google Lens a tour of everything this free app does with augmented reality

Google Lens: a tour of everything this free app does with augmented reality

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Google Lens is an application that uses the camera of a mobile device to perform its functions, which are as varied as they are numerous. On this occasion, we share a tour of everything that this free app with augmented reality allows to do .

Google Lens: what are its uses?

The same description that is available in the application is eloquent: “With Google Lens, you can search for information about everything you see, complete tasks faster and better understand the world around you, and all simply with your camera or a photo.”

Launched just a couple of years ago by the Google company, this application became an event that remains valid thanks to the diversity of functionalities it offers.

One of the most important is the one that refers to the detection of texts, either via camera or through images stored on the device.

In short, Google Lens detects texts and allows different uses of them, from automatic translations to copied and pasted.

One of the secrets of this application is that it not only recognizes the texts of books and other printed formats, but it can also capture different manuscripts. In this sense, Google Lens is particularly useful to transcribe a text and have it available in a digital version.

In addition, this app developed by Google is ideal for curious people, since it provides information about different types of things in a few seconds and in a simple way, through the analysis of a photo or image.

Thanks to Google Lens it is possible to identify animal breeds and plant types , among other things. It also allows you to obtain more information about books and movies, for example, just by capturing their covers.

In turn, this application allows:

Explore the environment.

Get information on tourist destinations and restaurants.

Solve mathematical calculations.

Scan QR and barcode codes.

How to download the Google Lens app?

Downloading the Google Lens app is quick and easy. In the case of Android devices , just go to the Play Store and proceed with the download in a particular way.

For their part, those who have iOS must download the official Google app and then activate the part corresponding to Google Lens.

Regarding the version that is available for Android, it has a weight of 18 MB and a total rating of 4.5 out of 5, which is based on the reviews made by more than 840 thousand users.


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