How To Choose The Right Streaming Device For Your TV

How To Choose The Right Streaming Device For Your TV

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It’s 2021, and we are officially in the era of streaming. BBC, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and other big players all have streaming platforms that allow you to enjoy watching their content, thanks to the streaming devices.

Nowadays, nearly every TV comes with in-built smart devices – but unfortunately, these can be fiddly to use or highly limiting. However, if you purchased your TV a few years ago, these might be conspicuously lacking.

Therefore, what’s the best solution?

This is where streaming boxes – or TV streaming devices as they are commonly known come in. They directly plug into the HDMI ports on the back of your TV. These devices allow you to connect to different streaming platforms.

Many streaming devices are small in size and each of them comes with a remote that’s programmed to control various functions like increase or reduce your TV’s volume and ON/OFF. This means you don’t need to keep track of where all your remotes are.

Choosing The Best Streaming Device

Choosing the right streaming device is a very easy thing to do if you know exactly what you’re looking for. Although everyone should try out the best such as Roku Streaming Stick+, your needs and preferences might vary. For instance, if you’re operating on a tight budget, Google Chromecast will bring lots of great content to your Television without having to add more remotes to your house.

On the other hand, if you own multiple digital media and you wish to watch all these on your Television, Roku Ultra makes it pretty easy and you’ll never have to worry about how a media server works. However, if you’re looking for performance, and wish to watch 4k UHD content, look no further than NVidia Shield TV to get started.

Furthermore, people who have for many years used Alexa and consider it a part of their household should consider the second-generation Fire TV Cube that makes controlling your home entertainment quite easy. However, one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is that the 2nd Gen Fire TV Cube is pretty expensive. So, if you aren’t willing to spend more, you should opt for Roku Streaming Stick+ because the device also supports audio commands. The only difference is that with Roku Streaming Stick+ you need to tap the microphone.

How To Test Streaming Devices?

Testing streaming devices for your TV is easy. It’s much easier if you prioritize content over performance. For starters, any streaming device should play video well, but only the best has a wide range of content, robust search features, and straightforward navigation.

One of the first things you should consider when searching for the best streaming device is the setup to see how simple or quick it is. You can then check out the interface to see how the content is highlighted and how easy it is to change the channels. Also, try watching different shows from multiple channels to evaluate the quality of audio and video.


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