Is Mobile Gaming More Popular than Consoles

Is Mobile Gaming More Popular than Consoles & PCs

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Mobile gaming has in the past few years come a long way, with major console and PC franchises releasing new versions that preserve most of the gaming experience even on small screens. With gamers spending more money on tablet and smartphone gamers than the conventional platforms every year, mobile gaming is on the rise.

In an interview with the financial times, Naoki Yoshida, the producer of Final Fantasy 16 said he strongly believes the 5G network will significantly boost mobile gaming, which will eventually lead to the demise of gaming consoles. He also said that unlike console gaming that’s sedentary and highly reliant on local hardware with extended boot times, most gamers will find it more appealing and worthwhile to stream games over lightning-fast 5G networks on smartphones.

Will Mobile Gaming Replace Consoles & PC?

This question has been asked for a few years now, and will most likely remain a debate topic for a while – will mobile gaming kill PC & Consoles?

Arguments can be made for both sides of this debate.

Essentially, there are some consoles, which offer a more conventional gaming experience with powerful graphics and hardware.

Also, you have smartphones that allow you to enjoy your favorite games even when on the go.

Pros Of Mobile Gaming

  • Its more accessible
  • Mobile games are ideal for passing time
  • Mobile games are cheaper than their console peers
  • Mobile gaming has more available titles

Now, to answer the question of whether mobile gaming is more popular than consoles and PCs, it might come as a surprise, but it’s 100% true. As of August 1st, 2021, there were 729 million console players as compared to over 2 billion mobile gamers.

Although most people usually associate video games with consoles like PlayStation or Xbox, there is no doubt that mobile gaming has profoundly surpassed gaming consoles with regards to revenue generation.

For example, mobile games made a whopping £7.7 billion in 2020, which is almost 45% more than the revenue generated by console gaming for the same period.

As a matter of fact, major franchises like “Metal Gear Solid” and “Call of Duty” have had their most recent installments re-designed and integrated into mobile devices.

Today, mobile gaming has eventually opened up to the latest genres that weren’t there in the video gaming industry.

Games such as “Hay Day” and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” have made celebs out of ordinary people and permitted gamers to live a fictional life of luxury.

Other games like “Pokémon Go” have created a new sub-genre of augmented reality.

Although consoles will continue making remarkable games, mobile gaming is the future.

While it’s obvious that mobile gaming is more popular than consoles and PCs, whether or not mobile gaming is better than consoles or PCs depends on what a player is looking for in the gaming world.

If you’re seeking the best multiplayer experience and incredible graphics, then consoles will get you sorted. However, if you looking for something more accessible and a little cheaper, mobile gaming is your best bet.


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