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There are more than 7000 slots and 100+ game providers. They have unique bonus features, paylines and themes. But how to choose the best slot for you? Our slot experts have researched the Internet to find and select the highest paying slots with sharp graphics, exciting soundtracks, and cutting edge gameplay.

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When it comes to online slots, casino sites will always have them as the most dominating category of games in their lobbies. But we’ve dug deeper into the matter and dissected the assortment of hundreds of the best slot sites offering the best online slots. Casinos with only the most impressive libraries have made it to our site – check them out.
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  • Live Games Available
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US Players not Accepted
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  • Live Dealer Games
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Vegas Hero
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You can choose from 1,000+ online slots from leading developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’N Go, and Quickspin.
Mr.Slot Casino
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Wide selection of live casino, slots, progressive jackpot games, and even virtual sports.
Webby Slot
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With 2,100+ slots, the casino lives up to the expectations set by its name. Explore stunning games from 35+ developers.


How We Select the Best Real Money Slot Games & Casinos

Online slots are without doubt the most played type of casino game, and with good reason. They are incredibly diverse in theme, genre, betting options and even in the way they are set up. Some may aim to wow you with their amazing visuals, whereas others have simple yet addictive structures that can keep you glued to the screen for hours.

In addition, online slot games are very inclusive and can accommodate penny players and high rollers alike, which makes them appealing to a very wide range of gamblers. So let’s break this major topic down and see what the world of online slots sites has in store.

To make sure of this, we take the developers into account, as well as their respective licenses and gaming authorities regulating them. Every software manufacturer uses their own random number generator (more commonly shortened to RNG) for their online slot machines that need to be audited by a respected regulatory entity.
Winning Potential
Aside from that we also consider the game’s popularity, the quality of the setup and graphics, as well as its winning potential. Thus, for instance, some of the best online slots with real money are the so-called progressive slots that are always favored by players thanks to their chance of giving enormous payouts.

How Do Online Slots Work?

All slot games use a mechanism that ensures the randomness of the outcome of each and every spin. It is called Random Number Generator or RNG. And there are even legitimate gaming authorities that test these generators and confirm that they indeed function properly. With that said, there’s no way to beat the game and influence the outcome. Slots are a game of chance, and that is precisely what makes them so thrilling to play.


how do online slots work


All slot games have something called a Return-to-Player ratio or RTP, which shows you how much you can expect to get back from the money you put in – over a longer period of time. With online slots, the RTP tends to always be above 90%, and with the most popular offerings it reaches about 95-96% and more.

It’s a good idea to choose slots with a higher RTP, and once you’re that far, next is mastering the buttons and learning how to place stakes. All slot games have paylines; some fixed, others are adjustable. But the bottom line is that you bet per payline, and then that amount is summed up to give you your total stake per spin.

Studying the paytable in the game settings, as well as the paylines, is a good way to determine how much you want to bet. And after you’ve developed enough confidence as a player, you can even start making use of the Auto Spin feature that most games offer. You can set it to make a certain number of spins for you, so you don’t have to do it manually every time.

Online Slot Games Types

As mentioned, the best online slots games come in every shape and size imaginable. You can check out our best online slots reviews for a more detailed look at some of the separate categories and prominent examples of each of them.

But to give you a rough idea of what’s out there, video slots are mainly distinguished between multi-payline slots (aka multi-reel slots) and 3-reel slots (aka classic slot games) or by volatility. This is as far as the structure of the games goes. But upon delving deeper, you will also find a plethora of genres and subgenres, as well as a separate category of slot games known as jackpot slots or progressive slots.

Slot Types By Volatility

Low Volatility

Low volatility or low variance online slot games are characterized by their relatively low payouts. They may have bonuses and special features, but those will still provide rather small wins. However, wins tend to occur much more frequently in low variance slot games. A good choice for new players.

Medium Volatility

Medium variance or medium volatility titles offer the best of both worlds. Wins and bonus rounds are triggered moderately often, and they tend to pay out amounts that aren’t as massive as in high variance offerings, but are still noticeably larger than those in low volatility slots.

High Volatility

High volatility online slot games are riskier and more exciting to play due the potential of winning really big. However, in such titles, payouts happen much less frequently than in their lower variance counterparts and long dry spells aren’t uncommon. So these are certainly a better option for the more experienced player.

Online Slots by Reels

Slot games can also vary in terms of their layout, and more specifically, in terms of the number of reels they have. Classic titles usually have the minimum of just 3 reels (they are even referred to as 3-reel slots), whereas the most popular format for video slots these days is without doubt the 5-reel layout.

The number of reels in any given slot game determines the number of paylines or ways to win. Hence, the more reels there are – the more possibilities to form winning combinations. And while that doesn’t necessarily mean you will win more in a slot game with more reels, it certainly does make for a more varied and exciting gaming experience. And developers are always on a quest to invent new and more entertaining gaming solutions. So you can come across slots with 4, 5, 7, 10 and more reels. In some instances the number of reels can change as the game progresses and under certain conditions.

Like for example a very interesting feature that entails an increasing number of reels during gameplay is the Infinity Reels feature. If after a spin the rightmost reel has a symbol or symbols that can improve a winning combo, then another reel is added to the right. And as long as each new reel can better a winning combinations, new reels are added to the screen – infinitely!

Best Online Slots Software Providers in 2021

Online slot providers are, as must have become abundantly clear by this point, also oftentimes have their finger in the decision making process when it comes to choosing an online casino. And so we have even categorized online gaming platforms by software developer. But here’s a glimpse of some of the best online slot providers and what exactly makes them the best.

play n go logoPlay’n GO was already mentioned several times here, as we listed some of this developer’s products as the top slot games on the market. This is truly and outstanding provider, with a lengthy history. The company is in eternal competition with itself, striving to achieve new heights with each new release. And the entirety of Play’n GO’s portfolio can be enjoyed seamlessly across all devices and operating systems.
betsoft logo newBetsoft has built a reputation for offering stunning 3D visuals as part of the experience with their games. Slots by this developer usually all have a uniquely immersive theme that genuinely transports players to another realm. And there are typically one-of-a-kind features to match and help make each game session a special treat.
microgaming logoMicrogaming – a true titan of the iGaming industry, with a plethora of different slot games in its portfolio, most of them masterpieces in their own right. This has long been one of the world’s top slot game providers, and it has something for every taste and every bankroll.
quickspin logoQuickspin isn’t a conveyer belt of slot games, and new titles are only released by the handful every year. But that’s only because the developer is highly dedicated to producing top-of-the-line slots, each with its own story and each creating a world of its own. The features are always highly creative, as well, so players can never be bored.

Slot Themes – Find the Best Theme for You

Online slot games themes create the atmosphere and are almost as important to gameplay as the structure and features. And some players even choose online slot games solely by theme. With that said, there’s an endless variety of different themes out there and unlimited room for software providers to unleash their creativity and craft unique, captivating stories.

Some of the more popular slot themes out there include TV and movie slots, adventure slots, action slots and holiday slots. Fairytale or fantasy slots have also gained momentum in recent years. Then you can go deeper than that even and distinguish different themes by setting, e.g. Western slots, Ancient Egyptian slots, Nordic slots, etc. So whatever makes you tick – you will be sure to find a slot game for it.

Slot Game Paylines Explained

Paylines are critical to any online slot game’s structure as they determine how wins are formed. And wouldn’t you want to know what influences your payouts?When we look at the setup of a certain slot game, we consider the layout, the symbols, their value, betting limits and, sure, the paylines, as well. But only briefly. Somehow the paylines don’t really get all that much attention and that’s not very fair.


slot paylines

A typical payline scheme, Book of Ra Slot


Now, on your basic slot game grid, you have a number of reels, rows and symbols. When the reels stop, the symbols fall in a certain way on the grid and depending on where those symbols are in respect to the paylines, winning combinations can be formed. The paylines essentially crisscross the layout of the slot game from the leftmost reel, along the adjacent reels – and all the way to rightmost reel.

Slots paylines vary in numbers from title to title, but as a rule they are always between 1 and 50. And bets are usually calculated per payline to give you the total amount you will be staking for the spin. E.g. if you stake $0.01 per payline on a 20-payline slot, your total bet per spin will be $0.20.

mobile slotsReal Money Slots on Mobile

Real money mobile slots are very common these days and have practically become the norm, and most casinos offer mobile-compatible real money slots. App gaming is also especially popular these days, so many platforms strive to accommodate that need among fans of real money slots. Android app, as well as iOS app solutions are gaining momentum and they do offer a certain level of convenience.

PhoneResolutionMobile Rating
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge360×640★★★★
iPhone XR414×896★★★
Samsung Galaxy S8,S9360×740★★★
Samsung Galaxy Note 10412×869★★★
iPhone 11, Pro Max, XS Max414×896★★★★
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5,6393×739★★★★
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T393×775★★★

Many players prefer to have their favorite games available instantly at their fingertips, as opposed to having to navigate to the online casino in their browsers. What’s important here is that all the games in the casino’s lobby be scalable and mobile-friendly, so that the smaller screens don’t eat away at the quality of the offerings.

Free Slots vs. Real Money Slot Games

Online slot games can be played both for real money and with real cash wins, as well as for virtual money or for free. Free slots are essentially the demo mode of the real thing, and it turns out that they are much more played than their real money counterparts. And while free play slot titles do have their perks, they also have some clear disadvantages if you compare them to real money online slot games.

Which One to Select?
Free Slots


No registration necessary
No need to make a deposit and risk your own money
Stakes are not for real money
Cannot win real money either
Good way to hone gaming skills and get to know new titles
Real Money Slots


Must have a registered account at the casino
Need to make a deposit in order to start playing
Real money stakes up the excitement levels
Can Win Real Cash
Great for seasoned players to test their skills and strategy

Online Slot Tournaments

Slot games are generally thought of as solitary games. After all, it’s just you and the game – no other players, no dealer, nobody. But did you know that there are actually online slot game tournaments? And it’s an interesting way to share the whole solo experience and add a competitive edge to it, as well. Here is how it works.


slot tournaments


The rules are very simple and pretty much nothing changes in the way you would normally play your favorite slot titles. Namely, every player spins the reels and makes their bets as they would on a regular day. Only the results are gathered and compared among all the participants in the tournament. And the player who comes out with the most winnings at the end of the competition is declared the winner and awarded the grand prize.

Typically the casino will choose one specific slot game, or perhaps a select few (e.g. based on genre) titles for the tournament. And it is very common for such tournaments to have a certain admission fee or buy-in that needs to be paid in order to partake in them. And in that case, the buy-ins would go towards the main prize. But there are also free tournaments out there that have a different approach.

Another thing to note is that online slot tournaments typically have a time frame attached to them, and it can range from anything as little as half an hour up to several weeks or a month. And once the time is up, the results are announced and the winner – named.

How to Choose the Right Slot Game for You?

So, with hundreds and hundreds of various online slot games to choose from – how do you pick one that’s right for you? To break it down, there are several important factors to consider that may help you narrow down your choices.

1. Payout and Volatility

Volatility (also called variance) is crucial to understanding what you can expect from a given slot game. High variance titles have the potential to give higher payouts, but these will be far less frequent, compared to a low variance title. And similarly, in games with lower volatility, you can typically win fairly often, but the size of the payouts will be relatively small. Medium variance slot games strive to offer a healthy balance of both.

2. Gameplay

Try to familiarize yourself with the game’s setup first. E.g. assess the layout, the way in which wins are formed, symbols, etc. Experienced players may also want to pay attention to autoplay options so they can enjoy a faster pace of the game. Betting limits are also important to consider in relation to your bankroll.

3. Features

Depending on the game you’re playing, it may have a lot of special features, and it may have none at all. Which you prefer is up to you, but it’s a good idea to check out some of our detailed slot game reviews to know what you’re signing up for before you start playing.

4. Design & Themes

Last but not least, in the world of online slot games there’s a plethora of different themes and genres. So simple just find whichever one tickles your fancy the most and start exploring from there.

Spin the Reels with Awesome Bonuses

Many of the bonuses offered by casinos are often actually online slots bonuses, which makes complete sense given that slots are the most popular casino games. No deposit free spins, as well as complimentary free spins to deposit bonuses are usually how these promotions are packaged.

But aside from that, there are also numerous online slots with bonus features that include free spins and other extras as part of gameplay. These offer wonderful wining opportunities and can genuinely up the excitement levels of just about any game. And developers will often go above and beyond to come up with new ways in which surprise players with these types of special features. And there are endless possibilities to trigger them, too. You may need to land a certain symbol or sequence of symbols, perhaps you will have to play a mini game, or sometimes the special features are only triggered at random. In any event, they’re a very fun addition to gameplay.

Best Real-Money Slot Sites 

Top 3 Slot Sites for Players from United States:

US Players not Accepted
  • Live Games Available
  • Professional Customer Support
  • Great Selection of Games
US Players not Accepted
  • Support is Available 24/7
  • Live Dealer Games
  • Good Selection of Slots
US Players not Accepted
  • Wide Variety of Live Dealer Games
  • Always Helpful Live Chat Support
  • Casino Accepts Players from Many Countries


Online Slots FAQs

What are the best online slots sites?

We have listed the most reputable and entertaining online casinos where you can enjoy an abundance of different slot games – check it out.

How can I choose the best slot games for me?

Consider things such as the game’s theme/design, its volatility and bet limits, as well as how the game is structured and what (if any) special features it has. Preferences for online slot games can range dramatically, so it all comes down to personal taste.

Are slot games safe to play?

That depends strongly on the developer and the online gaming platform offering them. We have listed only slots by reputable brands and only casinos that are proven to be safe and secure.

Can slot games be played on mobile devices?

Most online slot games these days are also compatible with smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. What’s more, many casinos even have their own apps and that can make it easier to enjoy your favorite slots on your mobile device.

Are there casino bonuses available for slot games?

Yes, in fact, most casino bonuses are actually designed with slot games in mind. You can check out some the hottest new promotions on offer at the moment.

What are the best slot game software providers?

There are a number of slot game manufacturers with outstanding releases. Some examples of world-class brands include Netent, Microgaming, Playtech, Play’n GO and Quickspin. And you can even find online casinos based on the exact providers they support.


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