Battle Royale Slot – Generous Features And A Strategic Gameplay

Battle Royale is a slot that will make you feel like you are playing an RPG game. You will get to unlock many new features and fight big bosses. The only difference to the RPG games is that you can also win money as you do it. Keep reading to find out more!
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Game review info

  • Rating
  • Where to Play Play Here
  • Min Bet 0.60
  • Reels -
  • RTP 94.77%
  • Max Bet 100
  • Software SkillzGaming
  • Volatility Medium to High
  • Themes Action & Adventure
  • Features Free Battles, Lava Stones Pick

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Quick Overview Of Battle Royale

With Battle Royale, you will get hooked very fast and very easily. The gameplay is very eventful and easy to follow. Enjoy great battles as you fight all kinds of monsters, including a big red dragon, which will bring you a fortune if you dare to attack him.

If you’re tired of the same old slots that do not impress you with their unconventional features, then Battle Royale is ready to drastically switch things up for you. This game provided by SkillzGaming will bring you a whole new gaming experience. You will have to be strategic and try and win as many battles as you could. You will get to play with different heroes, each one having their own hidden power and different volatility. You will get the chance to unlock new characters and trigger different lands, which will offer you special bonus features to help you land more and bigger prizes. This unique game stands out for many different reasons. You will not only get to role-play, but also still gamble and win big rewards for every time you win a battle.

Each Feature Has A Special Bonuses

There are many features included in this slot, which makes it even more exciting. You can trigger 5 different features: Boss Fight, Villain’s Wave, Free Battles, Lava Stones Pick and Treasure Island Event.

Boss Fight
In this feature, all five of your selected heroes join forces in order to try and defeat the big dragon. Every time a hero gets the skull card, the dragon will attack them and take them out of the battle. The feature goes on until either the dragon or all 5 heroes get defeated. The possible win for this feature is up to 20.000 coins.
Villains’ Wave
In this feature, you fight against up to 5 waves of enemies with a mighty crossbow. You need to defeat each wave in order to advance to the next one. Each following wave has higher multipliers. The round ends either when you run out of arrows, or after you manage to clear all 5 waves. The multipliers go from x2 for the first wave, to x10 for the fifth one.
Free Battles
This feature grants you 5 free battles. There will be a special treasure card, which will be dealt in each one of the 5 battles. The possible maximum win here is up to 1.000 coins per card.
Lava Stones Pick
Your goal here is to try and get as many stones as possible from 12 available. Each stone has either a cash prize or a multiplier. You keep selecting stones until you hit a multiplier, which is when this bonus feature ends. Up to 17.000 coins is the possible win here.
Treasure Island Event
This feature is not always available. It opens every 12 hours and has 20 battles. You will gain +25% for all prizes you win during those battles. If you get lucky and find the magic stone card, you can win a massive 100.000 coin prize.

Versatile Volatility and RTP


The set Return to Player for Battle Royale Slot is 94.77%, which is below the overall average. The volatility is considered high, but it’s also very versatile. The important moment here is that you have the chance to be strategic as different symbols have different volatility. You can try high risk with big payouts or get more payouts but with smaller prizes. This opportunity of having a choice will be very appealing to many players. It also makes the game suitable for more people, since some prefer to take a risk, while others like to take the safe but steady route.

Battle Royale’s RPG-like Gameplay


This slot game is very unique and unusual. There are no reels, nor paylines involved. This is because the game was designed to look more like an RPG, rather than a slot. The betting range is quite wide with 0.60 to 100 coins for a single battle. You get 7 teams, each one having a different coin and success rate range. Your starting team of 5 heroes has a potential win range of 20 to 4.800 coins. Each hero fights their own battle and for every win you get a different prize. The only time where all heroes fight together is when you go against one of the big bosses. You can do regular and fast-paced battles.

An Amazing Design With Animated Graphics

The overall design of the slot is very well thought. You have a few different stages, each one with its customized design and graphics. There are a lot of different battle heroes, which will help you defeat the monsters waiting for you around the corner. There are also big dragon bosses. All fights are animated. The music and sound effects will make you feel like in an arcade game rather than a slot. The game is suitable to play on mobile, and in fact it might feel more appropriate to play on your phone as the game feels a lot like a role-playing RPG game.

Battle Royale’s Hero Symbols

All slot symbols are usually different from each other, not only by appearance, but power as well. This is why you need to be aware of each symbol and the prizes and features it can bring you. We divided Battle Royale’s symbols in 3 categories, from lowest to highest valued one.

Low-Paying Symbols
Green Heroes are the first symbols on the list. Those heroes will bring you the smallest prizes for when they win their battles. On the good side, all green heroes also have a very low volatility, which increases your chances of actually winning.
Medium-Paying Symbols
Blue Heroes are next. The can bring you small and big prizes and have a pretty average chance of winning their battles as the volatility set for them is considered to be medium. Those symbols are the most balanced.
High-Paying Symbols
Red Heroes are the most fierce symbols provided by Battle Royale Slot. They can bring you very big prizes. The downside of the red heroes is that their volatility is very high so your chances of actually winning with them are much lower.

Why Choose Battle Royale?

In Brief: If you think you have seen everything when it comes to slots, and haven’t played Battle Royale, then you might want to think again. This brilliant hybrid is a mix of RPG, slot and social gaming, which has so much to give you. You can find multiple bonus features with many different heroes and bonuses like multipliers and huge cash prizes. You will enjoy everything about this game, from the gameplay, to the big payouts and the overall animated design. Make sure you check out Battle Royale and be ready to free some space from your top list of games, because there’s a high chance this one will make it to the top.

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