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Switching From Android To iPhone? – This Will Help

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Has iPhone 12 pro caught your eye? Feeling a little bored with your Android device? Whether attracted by Apple’s slick hardware or its suite of services, there are many reasons you might want to shift from your android to an iPhone.

You’ll be glad to know that Apple has already built an app that helps switch from android to iPhone; you can easily download this app from the Google play store. Nonetheless, there are a few possible roadblocks, even with guidelines from the app; thus, here is a detailed guide to ensuring you lose nothing in this translation.

Get All Your Data Ready

The first thing you should do before you switching between phones is to back up all your data. Google makes this process pretty easy because all your mail, calendars, and contacts are perhaps already synched via your android device to your current Google account. You should keep them here and you can easily sync the Google account with the new iPhone during the switch.

If you have some photos stored on your phone and you really want to keep them, you should back the photos to cloud services like Google phones or something like Box or Dropbox. You can then download whatever you want on the new iPhone. Also, you can back these up to your PC, by using a USB cord to connect your phone to your PC and pull transfer whatever you want into your computer’s hard drive.

Some other important data that you might want to keep like documents stored on your android device, you can back these up in the cloud service or computer. With regards to music, you can easily drag over anything on the phone to your PC and later sync these with iTunes. Also, if you’ve got some music that you purchased in Google music, you can then manually download every album to ensure you do not leave anything behind. On the other hand, if you’re a seasoned streamer using services like Pandora or Spotify, you’ll still be able to access your accounts even after switching between phones.

However, if you want to switch to apple to stop using your Google account, you can then close the account after you’ve transferred everything.

Download the app on your phone

As mentioned earlier, Apple has an app that makes it easier for users to switch between devices; you can download this app from the Google play store. The best thing you can do is to download it from your android smartphone to ensure it is ready after you’ve set up the new iPhone.

Make The Switch

After doing all the necessary preparations, this part becomes very easy. Once you begin to set up your iPhone, you need to hit the screen that has the “Move Data from Android” alternative. You need to click on that and then run this app on your current android phone. You’ll get the code to verify the entire process.

Download Relevant Apps

The most annoying thing about switching between android and iPhone is that the apps don’t move with you, even when your calendars and contacts do. This might be a great chance to remove the apps you don’t use regularly. In many cases, you can use the frequently used apps with the iOS in the same way you’ve been doing with android, especially those that require you to create your own account like Spotify, Twitter, or Facebook.

Embrace iOS

One important thing to note is that switching between android and iPhones can be jarring, and there might be a few days when you re-consider the decision you make. However, that’s something you shouldn’t worry about because it’s absolutely normal. This will help know the features iOS recommends over android and ensure you take advantage of these. A major factor to consider is that Apple devices work well together. For instance, if you own a Mac, you can quickly copy-paste between your PC and phone or quickly send files through Airdrop – all without downloading other apps.

Also, you’ll need to access iMessage; this is a service that offers a richer experience than a standard texting feature on an android device. You can then play around with animations, GIF keyboard, and stickers and even use FaceTime.

You might miss some of the customization options you get when using android – the app launchers, the widgets, etc. Also, iOS is well known for running flawlessly, and the fact that it’s more secure.


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