The 5 Best Browsers For Windows

The 5 Best Browsers For Windows

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Browsing for the fastest web browsers for windows? We’ve checked out our Firefox, edge, chrome, and more to pick the best web browser for speed, ease of use, and security.

Choose the best web browser to ensure your Internet surging experience is a breathtaking one. All these Internet browsers are free, but unfortunately, not all of them are created equal which is why you should check around.

Although most of the Internet browsers might appear the same on the surface, they all work differently. This is because some have great security features, whereas others largely focus on having a streamlined user experience with shortcuts and handy tools. Research by Statista shows that Google chrome is the market leader with over 65% of people using it as of July 2021.

Nevertheless, popularity does not mean it’s the best browser, and it’s not surprising we haven’t put it at first in our ranks. Instead, we believe Microsoft Edge is the best web browser in terms of lower system draw, faster speeds, and better privacy options. Also, Microsoft Edge has some nifty features such as showing your coupons and vouchers when shopping online.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the best web browser for windows thanks to efficient power usage and great speeds.

After years of struggling with Internet Explorer, Microsoft finally designed a winning web browser with Microsoft edge. We can confidently state that the software giant has been able to do this by basing the new browser on Google chrome.

Microsoft Edge has wrestled the winning formula of Google chrome and added more unique features to stand out from its rivals, including efficient power usage, which means it doesn’t unnecessarily drain your PC. Also, Microsoft Edge comes with vibrant privacy features to help keep malicious websites from your personal and financial data.


  • Great privacy settings
  • Low-performance drain

Google Chrome

Google chrome has been a favorite for many users, but it seems to have slipped to a second position on our list. Google Chrome features a wide range of extensions to help users customize their browsing experience. It has a sleek style that carries all the functionality and information you need without looking ugly or getting in the way.

Moreover, it’s perfectly compatible with nearly every device out there and you can use your Google account to transfer your preferred settings from one device to another. For instance, this means your phone will store the bookmarks you save on your PC and vice versa.


  • Multiple extensions
  • Looks great

Mozilla Firefox

After several years of dismal performance mainly because of its excess usage of your laptop’s RAM, Mozilla has made it back to the big league. This rejuvenated version of Firefox has a lighter effect on your computer’s RAM, while still providing the functionality and performance you would expect from a great web browser.

Also, Firefox offers superb privacy and comprehensive security you could ever expect from a web browser.


  • Low system draw
  • Robust privacy and security settings
  • Slick design


Click on Vivaldi and you’ve armed yourself with a versatile and fast web browser with incredible in-built features. Although it still does the same things you can do with Microsoft Edge or Chrome and a series of extensions, Vivaldi comes with a wide variety of features integrated into a single web browser.


  • Fantastic web panels
  • Pretty quick
  • Highly customizable


Opera feels pretty similar to chrome because it utilizes a similar base program. However, opera is distinct because it features a sidebar that allows users to pin links to their favorite sites – same as bookmarking or shortcuts to chat windows and mail.


  • A fantastic sidebar


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