What must a good app have to be successful among users

What must a good app have to be successful among users?

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Today, mobile apps are triumphant and are the main way for users to use their smartphones. In any application market, there are apps of all kinds, in order to meet the needs of different users.

There are apps such as sports betting in William Hill or casinos, for those who love games of chance, which are triumphing among the public today, since this is a sector that, every time, is more booming among the mobile app users. There are also social media apps, which are among the most used today, as well as fashion apps, for those who want to follow the latest trends in the sector.

But, what must an app have to be successful with the public? If you are thinking of launching a mobile application or you are simply curious to know what are the key aspects for mobile applications to achieve success; Below we offer you some characteristics that a mobile application must have to succeed in any application market.

Easy user registration

For users, one of the keys is that their registration in it is totally intuitive and easy to follow. In addition, the registration process must be very fast. That is, you do not have to go through many screens to create an account in the app to use it. If this happens, many of your potential users will give up creating an account in the app and end up uninstalling it.

Stand out from the competition

Currently, there are many apps that exist in any application market. So if there are any similar to the one you plan to launch, you should offer something different to it. This way you will stand out from your competition, something that will make your users know you and decide for your app compared to other competitors.

Notifications and Alerts

Notifications serve to remind your users that they are there and that they can continue to use them. Of course, they should not be excessive since it can cause the opposite effect on users and cause the app to be uninstalled.

Alerts are used to warn users that there is something within an app that could be of interest to them. For example, a news, an update or a reminder to continue using the application.


When the app is on the market, you should always take note of the criticisms and comments from the users, since they tend to demand constant changes in the applications. That is why you should not hesitate to constantly update the app to always offer the best to users.

It must be well cataloged

In any app market worth its salt, apps fall into one or more categories. Therefore, yours must be very well cataloged within the application store. In this way, users can find it simply and quickly, depending on what they need.

Back Office

If you don’t know, the back office is the application’s own data management tool. From this tool, what you do is update the app, introduce new content and also delete the existing ones. Although it is a tool outside the app, it can be designed within it.

These are some of the characteristics that a good app must meet in order to succeed in the market and thus be one of the most downloaded by users. And you, what are the features you are looking for when downloading an application on your smartphone?


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