Would You Like to Write for Us?

One of the ways that we keep things very versatile and alive at [site name] is by publishing articles from guest writers. We are always looking for a new perspective or fresh insight, so if you think you have something to contribute to our site with – we’d love to hear from you!

Of course, we do have certain rules and recommendations when it comes to publishing guest posts, so we would appreciate it if you read our requirements further down on this page. One thing we cannot compromise on here is quality, so please be sure to submit only your best work.

Our readers’ time is of value to us and we strive to provide them with content that is in some way enriching. So if your post is beneficial to anyone reading it, then we will be more than happy to publish it on Zaption.

Here’s How to Send Us Your Pitch

Please read our submission rules carefully to avoid submitting something we will not be able to publish. Our time is valuable and we know yours is too, so let’s try and save some of it by being on the same page. With that said, we ask that you first send us your pitch and only then submit your well-written article.

One of our top priorities in a guest post (or any post) is originality. Please pitch us an idea that is entirely your own and don’t try to cover trivial, generic topics that have been done time and time again. We want news, exciting insights or a unique perspective that is genuinely interesting to read.

Take your time to review the content we have already published on Zaption to get a better idea of the style and format of what we’re looking for. And please do not submit sales pitches or articles that only seek to promote your business.

What the Ideal Guest Article Should Look Like

Original, interesting and useful articles that are fact-based and data-driven is ultimately what we’re looking for at Zaption. So please make sure that your guest post answers to these requirements.

And you can use the below checklist to make sure your finished work is ready to be submitted to our editors. Please note that we expect your article to be proofread and edited by you before you send it.

  • No plagiarism. We do not accept plagiarism in any form, and that also includes rewrites of other people’s work.
  • Facts only. We’re a serious site and do not want to be associated with hearsay, so please make sure all information you provide is based on factually correct data.
  • Mind the links. Links to your website are acceptable if they are relevant to the subject of your post. In all other cases, however, hyperlinks will be removed by our editors.
  • Readability. While informative and unique content is a must, please make sure it is also presentable and easy to read. Shorter paragraphs and sentences are a good way to increase readability, as well as using bullet points and numbered lists where appropriate.
  • Double-check your work. Re-read your guest post at least half an hour after you’ve finished writing it to check for spelling mistakes or other possible errors.

You can send us your pitch by using the contact form here.

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